2014 Miss Polonia
Paula Kolodynski

Hello! My name is Paula Kolodynski and I am 18 years old. I recently graduated St. Joseph Hill Academy and I am entering the Wagner College Physician Assistant program in the fall. I began my interest in the medical field when I broke my arm when younger and was hospitalized for a few days. I was able to observe the medical teams working on patients and I realized my growing passion on the matter. Throughout high school I focused on my studies and I graduated with honors. I also began working for a Pediatric Physician and gained incredible experience not only working with patients, but also in computer programming designing one of the biggest pediatric video web sites in the world.Additionally, I volunteered in the Maimonides Medical Center to see the difference between working in a small medical office to a large-scale hospital. I also volunteered in other organizations such as Project Hospitality, Meals on Wheels, as well as in my school and children in my neighborhood. I also ran multiple 5k runs that donated all proceeds to charity.In my free time I enjoy reading and writing. Some of my writing pieces can be found in the Literary Peak magazine as well as in European CD’s such as Galaxy Hunter and Retronic Voice. When younger I developed a passion for dancing which molded into cheering at SJHA. Unfortunately injuries prevent me from continuing on this path. As a child I began acting and was featured in School of Rock with Jack Black. Currently my additional hobbies include spoiling my cat, professional makeup, riding my bike, and working on creating DIY projects such as redesigning denim jackets and painting shoes. I hope to continue working towards being a PA as well as helping my community in the years to come.

2014 Junior Miss Polonia
Kamila Halas

My name is Kamila Halas and I am 11 years old. This year I will be entering 6th grade in I.S. 75.. I love to do dance and gymnastics. In my future I hope to become a professional dancer or gymnast. I also have a little sister and she is the best.